Please read our published Admissions Criteria for the year of entry you are interested in and if your GCSE grades reach our minimum entry requirements, then please come along to our school from GCSE Results Day onwards to complete a Sixth Form Application Form.

Sixth Form Application Forms are made available to external candidates once they have their confirmed GCSE results.

  • Please come along to our School from GCSE Results Day onwards in August 2019 (Thursday 22nd August) to complete a Sixth Form Application Form.
  • No applications will be accepted before this date. Wallington County Grammar School do not ask for predicted grades and do not make any form of provisional offers.  
  • Please ensure that you have read our Admissions Criteria for 2019 Entry into our Sixth Form and ensure your GCSE grades reach our minimum entry requirements before coming to our School to complete an Application Form.
  • Our school will be open from 9.00am to 4.00pm from GCSE Results Day to receive external applicants. Our school will also be open on subsequent days to receive external applicants (also open from 9.00am to 4.00pm), but our courses will start to fill up quickly so you are advised to come to our school on GCSE Results Day or soon thereafter, to ensure you have the best chance of being offered the courses you wish to study.  
  • You must bring with you your GCSE Statement of Results and a copy of this results document in support of your Application Form.  Please also remember to bring along any confirmed Statements of Results from previous years, if you took any GCSEs early.
  • All offers of places will be made in accordance with our Sixth Form Admissions Criteria & Arrangements, available to read on this website.   
  • All offers of places will likely be made via telephone over the course of several days. If we are unable to offer you a place initially, applicants will have their details held on a ranked waiting list in case subsequent vacancies arise. 
  • Applicants will be ranked in order of their 'Attainment 8' GCSEs. Please refer to our Admissions Criteria & Arrangements document for further information.  
  • Any out of expected date range students will be asked to provide supporting documentation as to why they are out of normal date range and each case will be reviewed on it's own merit and a decision made, which the school believe is in the best interest of the applicant. Please read the Admissions Criteria & Arrangements document for further information about students applying who are out of normal date range. Any out of date range applicants will be asked to provide their supporting documentation as to why they are out of expected date range BEFORE GCSE Results Day and their application will need to be considered on its own merit.
  • Only GCSEs/iGCSE qualifications will be accepted. No short courses or BTEC qualification can be considered.
  • Our School will not accepted overseas qualifications. As stated in our Admissions Criteria & Arrangements document, if you have overseas qualifications, you will need to contact NARIC to have your qualifications converted to UK GCSE/iGCSE grades.
  • Our School will only offer full 2 year reformed A Level courses.
  • Please click on the link below to view our A Level subjects being offered in September 2019.

Our A Level curriculum from September 2019