Q. How can I get to Wallington County Grammar School for the familiarisation tests?

A. It's possible to get to the School by train or by bus.  The nearest train station is Wallington Station which is approximately 15 minutes walk away (0.8 miles) via Croydon Road (A232) and Manor Road (A237).  The School can also be reached via Carshalton Station, approximately 1 mile away via the A232.  Alternatively a number of bus routes serve the School as set out below:

Bus No Route
151 Shotfield to Worcester Park Station
127 Purley Station to Tooting Broadway
407 Sutton, Marshall's Road to Caterham Valley
410  Crystal Palace Bus Station to Beddington Gardens
463 Coulsdon South Station to Pollards Hill
612 Selsdon Library to The Holt, Beddington
633 Coulsdon South to Beddington Church

Please check via theTFL website before making any travel plans.

Q. I intend to travel to the School by car rather than public transport.  Where can I park?

A. Please park in the Beddington Park Car Parks on Croydon Road (A232) and London Road (A237)  If you have no other option than to use a side road please completely avoid The Manor Way and Derek Avenue which become extremely congested if anyone other than residents use them. Please also park with the utmost consideration for the School's neighbours by avoiding blocking driveways or roads.

Q. How do I get the results and when will they by published?

A. The results for Test A will be available shortly after the final Test A session has taken place on 8th June.  Test B results will be published as soon as possible after the final session on 7th July.  Results will be sent by email (using the email address provided at the time of booking) and also published on the PTFA website.  Further information will be provided nearer the time.

Q.  What is the pass mark for the test?

A. There is no pass or fail mark.  All students will be given their raw score and also their standardised score which will enable you to see how they performed relative to other children sitting the exams.

Q. If my child does well in the test will he/she be offered a grammar school place?

A. No - not as a result of this test.  These tests are run by the PTFA to give your child an experience of real exam conditions as part of their preparation for sitting secondary school entrance exams in year 6.  The familiarisation tests are in no way related to the Selective Eligibilty Test or any other school entrance exams and you must apply for those separately.  The results of these familiarisation tests play no part in who school places are offered to.

Q. I would like my daughter to sit the familiarisation test but Wallington County Grammar School is a boys school therefore I don't think she can.  Is that correct?

A. The familiarisation tests are open to both boys and girls therefore your daughter is very welcome to sit the tests.  Wallington County Grammar School is simply acting as the venue for the exams and is in no other way involved in running the tests.

Q. I have a question about the familiarisation tests that is not answered on this website.  Who should I contact at the School to answer my question?

A. Wallington County Grammar School is not involved in the running of these tests and will not be able to help with any enquiries.  All questions should be directed to the PTFA at the following address: tests@wcgsptfa.org

Q. Where will the familiarisation tests be held?

A. The tests will be held in the main hall at Wallington County Grammar School, Croydon Road, Wallington, Surrey, London, SM6 7PH.

Q. How long will the tests take?

A. There is an English and Maths paper each lasting 40 minutes.  There will be a short break of approximately 15 minutes between the papers to allow children to go to the toilet.

Q. What can my child take into the exam with them?

A. In addition to their candidate details which will be given nearer the time, your child should bring 2 HB pencils, a ruler, and an eraser (a pencil sharpener is optional) in a clear pencil case.  Water may be taken into the exam if it is in a clear unlabelled bottle.  No food, mobile phones, smartwatches, calculators or other bags are allowed in the hall during test sessions

Q. Can I see the English and Maths papers and how can I get more information about my child's result?

A. The papers are the property of the PTFA and will remain confidential therefore it won't be possible to release them.  Results will be sent to the email address used at the time of booking and they will also be published on this site.  We will be offering feedback on how a child performed by topic for both English and Maths papers as outlined on this website; further feedback won't be possible .

Q. Are the exams in multiple choice format?

A. Yes.  Both the English and Maths papers will be multiple choice.

Q. Does my child have to be in Year 5 to sit the tests?

A. The exams are designed for children in Year 5 who will be sitting secondary school entrance exams in the next school year.  The exams are not appropriate for children who are not in Year 5.

Q. What should my child wear on the day of the tests?

A. There is no dress code.  Your child should wear something comfortable and appropriate for the weather on the day of the test.

Q. Who can collect my child/can my child come home on their own after the test?

A. Your child must be collected by a responsible adult.

Q. Can I accompany my child into the exam hall?

A. No. Your child will be signed in at the school gates and then escorted to the exam hall by PTFA parent helpers.

Q. Is my child eligible for a free familiarisation test?

A. If your child gets free school meals or their school receives pupil premium funding for your child you can apply for one free Test A place.  These places are paid for by the PTFA and are limited in number.  Details of how to apply for one of these PTFA funded places which will be allocated on a first come first served basis can be found here

Q. How many tests can I book for my child?

A. Test A and Test B contain different papers so you could book your child in for either Test A, Test B or both.  As the same test papers are used for all Test A dates, we do not recommend booking more than one Test A date for your child.  Similarly, although the Test B papers are entirely different from Test A, the same test papers are used for all Test B dates therefore any child attending more than one Test B session would be sitting the same paper more than once. 

Q.  Will there be a first aider on site during the tests?

A.  There will be no first aider on site.  If you have concerns about this or if you have a child with medical needs please contact us at tests@wcgsptfa.org.